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How it Works

The general topics are always listed as links in the left margin. The selected topic displays in this section of the screen.

There are class rosters in both Last Name and First Name sequence, which contain links to the appropriate photo page for each classmate.

The Photo Gallery contains senior photos from the 1962 Sinewesah arranged in first name order. Why first name order? Why not!? We've always been just a little different.

The plan is for the gallery to become a "Then" and "Now" display. So, get busy finding a reasonably current photo of yourself. Attach it to an email to The Webmaster. If you have a photo, but no way to have it digitized (scanned), you can Snail Mail it to me for processing. I'll do my best to return it to you, but no guarantees. I'll also do my best to crop, fade, soften, blend, hide and enhance as appropriate.

You'll also find email addresses in the gallery, so you can contact other graduates. If your email address is not posted or needs to be changed, send it to me, so I can update the site.
Reunion?   You bet your sweet asterisk!
Here's all the latest info for Moments To Remember, our 50th reunion.

Are you lost or missing? Do you know someone who is lost or missing? Check the Lost or Missing Page. Perhaps you can help us locate one of our classmates.

On the Music Page you'll find a juke box full of music from our era, which you'll be able to listen to on your computer. Your help choosing the tunes will be greatly appreciated.

There are some other PHS web sites that may interest you, including the class of 63 web site and the fun bulldogsonline newsletter.

You'll find many of our classmates in the 62 Bulldogs Facebook Group. Come visit when you can.

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