This section contains 50s, 60s and 70s music that you'll be able to play on your computer.

Please help design this section by sending me a list of your 20 favorite songs from those decades. If I have them in my collection, I'll load'um on the site for your enjoyment. If it was recorded in the 50s or 60s and it was any good at all, there's a good chance I have it. I don't have nearly as much music from the 70s, but I may have several of your favorites. So, Send Me your favorites list.

Remember - 1. The quality of these tunes is similar to what you would have heard on your car radio while cruisin' or parkin' when the song was in the Top 40.
Remember - 2. Mash the "Reload" or "Refresh" button on your browser each time you visit to be sure you're viewing the latest version of these pages.

Volume 1
Mixed 1957-71

Volume 3

Volume 5
Some of Jeffrey's
Favorites (Part 1)

Volume 7
The Phil Tilton Top 20
Volume 2
Late 50s

Volume 4

Volume 6
Some of Jeffrey's
Favorites (Part 2)

Volume 8
The first 28 selections from the Chris Phillips Top 2,000

How long does it take for a song to download? - Using a 56Kb modem connection, they typically download and begin playing in 1-2 minutes.   Long ones like "What'd I Say?" or "American Pie" will take about twice that.

Jeffrey, you blockhead, the tunes won't play on my computer.   What's up with that?

A list of The Tunes already on these pages.

A list of Available Choices that could help you create your top 20 list. These are tunes which are currently recorded on my computer and can be converted for use on these pages.

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